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Company Overview

Our History

Mohinani Group

The Mohinani Family traces its roots to India but has established a profound legacy in Africa across generations. All 3 sons of the Founder were born in Africa. As a leading family business group, our journey is steeped in unity, resilience, and unwavering support for each other, transcending familial ties to encompass employees and communities. At its core, our family values unity over individual differences, emphasizing a collective spirit that stands firm amidst adversities.

We credit our success to early mover advantage, seizing opportunities in pioneering ventures with global relevance in local markets. Curiosity and our thirst for learning define our approach, often drawing inspiration from exposing ourselves continuously so we can learn. Our family firmly believes that the capacity to continuously learn is defined by everyone’s willingness to be on a permanent path of self-improvement. And we support each other with this by always “opening the door. 

Our story is one of adaptability, and a commitment to fostering a sense of safety and trust within our family. We rally around each other whenever we must. We are grateful that our identity has become a strong core across generations, whilst we never cease to go with the time to be fit for the future when it comes to how we live same identity. 

The Mohinani Family embodies a profound ethos of human solidarity. We empower every stakeholder to forge robust communities, nurture enduring relationships, and cultivate an ecosystem steeped in unwavering trust. Our legacy isn’t just about business success; it’s a testament to the enduring power of collective spirit.

Clients Who Trust Us

Building Success Together


Our Promise

Deliver Global Local

Our promise is to ensure that global quality is delivered in a local context, through whichever industry or product categories we are involved in. At the Mohinani Group, we believe that locals have a right to receive world class standards and we make sure that happens.


By 2025 the Mohinani Group will be a leading company in chosen English Speaking Sub-Saharan Africa markets.


The Mohinani Group delivers global quality products and solutions to the local consumers of English speaking Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Cultures & Values

While our beliefs are convictions about what’s right or wrong, true or false, good or bad; our values are the fundamental principles that guide daily behavior of each employee within our business group. We have four values that we encourage all members of the group to live every day. 

Evolve & Explore

Standard: Relentless pursuit of growth and innovation.

Feet on the ground

Standard: Humility, practicality, and pragmatism.

put people first

Put people first highlights that our strength lies in empowering people on every level.

go the extra mile

Put people first highlights that our strength lies in empowering people on every level.

Sonnex Packaging Nigeria Limited

The company was incorporated in 2000 as a manufacturing outfit of flexible light packaging materials and PET bottles. The flexible packaging plant is presently running in Lagos, while Rigid (for PET bottles) runs in Ota. The plant is operating 24/7.

Due to expansion, the company recently set up a new plant for recycling of pet bottles in Ikorodu area of Lagos “a 21,000 MT (Metric Tons) per year food grade bottle-2-bottle plant’’.

Polytank Ghana Limited

Polytank Ghana Ltd. was founded in 1966 and is a key supplier of packaging products to the majority of local and multinational manufacturing companies in Ghana. The company manufactures high-quality plastic and paper storage products such as plastic bottles and tanks, films and laminates as well as kraft cartons.